ISBN 978-612-5045-05-8

40 days with my beloved

Autor:Prado Villafranca, Marisela Josefina
Editorial:Letra de Carlos Eduardo Caguana Sucre
Público objetivo:General
Número de edición:1
Número de páginas:171
Encuadernación:Tapa blanda o rústica


In 2020, we lived the quarantine decreed by the pandemic that hit the world since the end of 2019, I began to write this book. Although each topic is listed by days, I did not write them exactly one for each day. Instead I was receiving the inspiration to write them at different times: sometimes in dreams, others during the day while complying with the receipt at home. Others, when I could go out into the street, while I was meditating on the situation we were experiencing or when I was thinking about what could come with all this. This world event should lead us to reflect on how fleeting life is; meditate on the importance of each human being and on the purpose of each one here on earth. This situation should make us look at our neighbor differently than we did, look at him with love, treat him with compassion, show him mercy. It is necessary to turn to God with all our heart so as not to lose faith, sensitivity, and hope. May we raise our cry to heaven and express to it how our soul yearns for it. Recognize that we need him in this anguish, in this loneliness that many of us have had to live; where perhaps family, friends, or neighbors are not close by because everyone, like you, like me, had to take shelter. Or like many others, who feel that immense loneliness by not being able to return home so as not to expose their loved ones to the danger they face for safeguarding others. May God wish that in the midst of all this we can cry out to Him: My soul recognizes you, it needs you. I still meditate on this when I go down the street and I see the condition of many people, with the anguish, with the need reflected on their faces; some still optimistic, others with little faith, others struggling not to lose hope.


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