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Climate commiitment and environmental crimes in Peru
increase in environmental crimes, 2009–2021

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The purpose of this study is to alert competent authorities about the evolution and current state of environmental crimes in Peru in order to encourage timely decisions and accountability to the public within the framework of the latest climate-based commitments assumed by the Peruvian State.
In this regard, we observe that between 2009 to September 2021, 24,662
environmental crime proceedings were formalized, out of which more than 50% pertain to forests or forest formations, illegal trafficking of timber products, and illegal mining, increasing significantly each year, mainly in 2020.
To address this situation, the National Climate Emergency Decree should
stipulate concrete actions and budgets that address the environmental
crimes currently being committed throughout the country and in particular the Amazon; as well as incorporating more environmental crime types in the Law Against Organized Crime in order to provide justice operators better legal tools in the fight against criminal organizations that depredate our forests.


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